Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Til Death Do Us Part – The Stewarts

I have always loved Jimmy Stewart—it's ok my husband knows this and totally understands. When I saw Jimmy at events with his wife Gloria I was always impressed by the way he treated her as if she were the celebrity—beaming. You could feel the love that passed between them. Jimmy was the best of what America represents. The innocence of "Harvey" or the honest man fighting against the big guys for what was right in "It's a Wonderful life" or "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" make him my favorite actor.

Jimmy & Gloria Stewart
After returning home from filming a movie in 1948 Jimmy found the woman who would hold his heart even after her death. They married on August 9, 1949, at a church that Jimmy helped to fund, Brentwood Presbyterian Church. He gained not only a wife, but also became dad to her two sons. In an industry that thrives on scandal and sensation there was never any scandal attached to their marriage. Gloria once said "I can honestly say that in all the years we've been married, Jimmy never once gave me cause for anxiety or jealousy. The more glamorous the leading lady he was starring opposite, the more attentive he's been to me. His consideration was incredible and one of the reasons our marriage has lasted so long and is still so good."

The Stewarts went on to have twin girls to complete their family.

The death of Gloria in 1994 devestated Jimmy. He rarely left his bedroom, turning away visitors and ending contact with friends. When Jimmy died in 1997 more than 3,000 people showed up at his funeral to pay their respects.

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A Dusty Frame said...

I always!!! loved Jimmy. He was the 1st Hollywood star's death that made me cry.

I'm so happy to hear he was a wonderful faithful man!
You made my day.