Monday, February 4, 2008

Til Death Do Us Part—The Grahams

The next couple whose love lasted a lifetime is Ruth and Billy Graham. The time they shared together would have been so precious, because much of their marriage he traveled around the world with his ministry.

Ruth & Billy Graham
Their love story began at Wheaton College in 1937 when Ruth was introduced to "Preacher" as Billy was so apply named. As things became serious between the two, there was a struggle within Ruth, who thought she was called to the mission field as her parents had been. After much prayer Ruth came to realize that her calling was to join Billy in his desire to evangelize. On August 13, 1943, after Ruth graduated from Wheaton, the two were married in North Carolina.

During the long absenses from each other Ruth didn't just raise their children, she began her own ministry, which included writing many books. She valued her role as the woman behind "America's Pastor." "Ruth and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but we have a great one," Billy said, "For a married couple to expect perfection in each other is unrealistic."

In the mountains
As they grew older and their health started to deteriorate they spent more time together in the mountains of North Carolina. Billy along with their five children were at Ruth's side when she passed away on June 14, 2007. Following Ruth's death Billy said "I am so grateful to the Lord that He gave me Ruth, and especially for these last few years we've had in the mountains together. We've rekindled the romance of our youth, and my love for her continued to grow deeper every day. I will miss her terribly, and look forward even more to the day I can join her in Heaven."

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