Monday, February 11, 2008

Ladies Party

Sunday all the ladies of the church that particpated in the "Secret Sisters" gathered to exchange gifts and to reveal whose name they had this past year. This was also a time to thank the person who had prayed and left little gifts at the church library for us. Some had already guessed the person who had their name, while others of us had no clue. We had a fun time of fellowship and, of course, food. For a few of us, this was the first year to participate, while others like Peg Hunt (shown in the photos) have been partcipating since the church started this ministry.

Peg and Emily checking out some gifts
In the next few weeks we will start the new Secret Sister year and will pick new names. I love learning about another lady in the church, praying for her, and leaving her little gifts. I would encourage any of the ladies who have not participated to prayerfully consider becoming a part of this ministry. The leaders include a list of all the ladies' birthdays who are involved. I have enjoyed sending cards to some of these ladies for their birthday, even though they weren't the person I had for my Secret Sister.

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