Monday, February 25, 2008

Showers of Blessings

Showered with gifts
Yesterday our church held a baby shower for our pastor's wife, Angela. The turnout was great to welcome a new little gift from God. There were five ladies who worked hard to make it a wonderful time for everyone. There were several handmade gifts—one that brought the guest of honor to tears. For Angela's first son, she received a handmade baby blanket, but for her next son never received a blanket. She used the one handmade blanket for both her boys. She was so touched that someone had taken the time and was thoughtful enough to make one to welcome her daughter. The hostesses made a "sweet" favor for all of us to take home. A Hershey's candy bar pink "blanket" with Here She Is and a reminder for all to pray for Angela and her baby.

One of the women who attended the shower was another expectant mother whose first child is due a few days after Angela's. She has requested that her shower be thrown after her son is born, since her mother would be able to attend. We have already started the decoration ideas.

It is a shame that sometimes we forget to shower babies with as much love and gifts if they are not the firstborn. I was glad our church throws showers for all the babies, since we had attended a church that only held showers if it was the mother's first child. All children are a gift from God and no less precious if he or she is not a first born.


Mrs. Decker said...

Kim, I think it is a wonderful idea to throw a shower for every baby being born. My first child was a boy so we had lots of boy stuff, but when the second was a girl.....well, we didn't need the big things (stroller, baby bed etc.), but new "girly" diaper bags, blankets, clothes and don't for get hair bows can get expensive. Maybe instead of calling them "showers" they could just be a "Sprinkle"?

Kim said...

I think that's a great idea to call it a "sprinkle". I agree about not needing the big stuff, but even sometimes those items might need to be replaced, either due to much use or new safety regulations.
I really have been thinking that the experienced mothers of the church should build a "What I wish someone had told me" book. Yes, there are a lot of "expert" baby books out there, but there is so much more experience within the hearts and minds of a church full of mothers and grandmothers in dealing with a variety of situations.
I thought the book could be in a binder and copied for each new mother. As those women grow into motherhood they could add their own page to pass on.
I am helping on the decorations for the next shower and am planning on doing this for the first time mother. p.s.- her baby is a boy and we are doing a Denise the menace theme- radio flyers and denim.