Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Loving Gift

Tomorrow is our church's Secret Sister party. This is where according to the bulletin we "reveal all." Okay, I hope not all. This is the first year I have participated in the Secret Sister program at this church so I wanted to make sure I was following tradition. I was told many give a gift to the person who has been their Secret Sister for the year and also a finally gift for the person whose name they had.

However, since we also have Valentines' day, a baby shower, and a wedding this month, I didn't want to go to great expense. Besides, that's not the purpose of being a Secret Sister, it's more prayer and getting to know each other better. So I got a set of two Valentine's linen towels at Wal-mart, a "love" bowl and plate along with some pink raffia in the gift wrapping section at Target, and finally two bags of Dove candies which were on sale (and I had a coupon)at CVS. I made both of my gifts for a total of under $12.00, not bad. I hope they enjoy their gifts. I can't wait to find out who had my name—I haven't a clue.

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