Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The 1940s Bride

As our family prepares to attend a friend's wedding this weekend I pulled out the Bridal book my mother-in-law gave me prior to our wedding. It isn't just any Bridal book—it's the book that she used while planning her own wedding. It is a precious family heirloom that in time I will pass down to my son's bride. But, it is also a time capsule of what was expected of a bride of the 40s.

1940s bridal couple
Included in the Minimum Wardrobe List was 1 simple day dress to wear with furs. When it comes to the budget, the book states

To reduce a wedding to mathematics, one aspiring to be formal in spirit if not in all appointments, will cost from $250 to $400 at a minimum.

They even include the "wedding that the bride longs for" at $1,150.00 total price, here's the breakout:

  • Bridal outfit - $115

  • Personal trousseau - $400

  • Household trousseau - $175

  • Stationery - $60

  • Reception, including cake - $220

  • Church - $70

  • Flowers - $50

  • Music - $60

If you notice this "large" total includes the bride's trousseau and househould trousseau. The household trousseau included all bed linens, towels, placemats with napkins, 1 handsome doily set and 2 informal woven doily sets.

It's fun to look at this book and tomorrow I will show the Bridal Book that was given to me as a bride, it'll be fun to compare.

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Dawn said...

I just love that you put this out there for all of us! My grandmother has a similar list, and if I could find it I would show you here. I was on another website a minute ago, and they mentioned the ratio as being $50 then $500 now, so you see the prices weren't that far off, for a nice wedding. Thanks again!