Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Fellowship

Last year our church began a tradition of having a Super Bowl fellowship. It's great to be able to watch the game with your family in a clean, safe enviroment. The area we get together in has a room with ping pong tables, air hockey and Ms. Pac-Man. The kids can usually keep themselves occupied with minimal supervision allowing the parents to enjoy the game and fellowship together.

Don't let the picture fool you, this was taken during the whole five minutes that David sat and watched the game. We left at halftime, along with several families, to get David in bed for school the next day.

When Rich and I were dating we went to a Super Bowl together—24 years ago. We stayed at his grandmother's house, with his father acting as a chaperone on the drive down. We will never forget the excitement and energy that surrounded that week. We traveled to Tampa, Florida, the week before the big game so that we could have some fun in the sun. We missed Virginia's snow and sleet by just a couple of hours. When we got to Florida we found that the federal government in Washingtin, D.C., had shut down due to the snow. It's a good thing that we had our fun before the game, since our team (the Redskins) lost BIG! The Redskins were tromped by the Raiders 38 to 9.

Everyone should have the chance to experience this once in their life. Since my father was a season ticket holder for most of my life I had attended countless Redskin games and many play-offs, but nothing compares with a Super Bowl.

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