Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Little Good News

This morning while watching the news I was impressed by a group of girls who showed hospitality. While playing a college softball game senior Sara Tucholsky of Western Oregon made her first home run hit. Her joy quickly turned to pain as her knee buckled at first base. Her pain was so great that she wouldn't be able to continue her victory run. If she didn't continue around the bases she would not get credit for her home run. If her teammates touched her she would not be allowed to continued.

The situation was being discussed with the umpires and Sara's coaches to come up with a solution which would allow her to keep her home run. In steps Mallory Holtman, first base player of Central Washington—her opponent. Her solution was the offer of allowing players from her team to carry Sara around the bases, stopping at each base and having Sara touch the base.

Yes, you heard right. The umpires huddled to make sure this would be legal. After everything was checked out Mallory and shortstop Liz Wallace gently picked up Sara and carried her to each base, lowered her so that she could touch each base.

Part way through this unusual play the girls began to giggle, when they arrived at home base it was to a standing ovation. I imagine not a dry eye in the stadium either. Western Oregon won the game 4-2.

Many wanted to know why would Central Washington be willing to help their opponent. Mallory's modest reply was "She hit it over the fence. She deserved it. Anybody would have done it. I just beat them to it." She also stated that her coach Gary Frederick had instilled in the team that "winning is not everything."

So hats off to Coach Gary Frederick and his team.

Here's the news report:


Becky K. said...

I was impressed by this, as well. Yay, finally a good news story about some very deserving young women!

A little sad, though, that this kind of thing should be "news" and not the "norm".

Becky K.

Kim said...

I agree that I wish this was the norm. But, maybe by highlighting people doing good things it might increase peoples desires to follow suit.
What I loved was the response from the young women that of course they would be willing to help the injured player.

Sharon said...

Oh, how heart warming! What a great story, I am going to share this with my boys! It is so refreshing!

:0) Sharon