Saturday, May 10, 2008

Special Delivery

In preparation for having a teenager in the house we made a special trip to the furniture store last week. It was time to replace David's bedding. He has slept on a single bunkie board and mattress, but we felt it was the right time to invest in a full-size mattress and box spring.

David had a great time trying out all the mattresses to find just the right one for him. I think he also liked the fact that the salesperson understood that the bed was for him and she promptly spoke to him as the buyer. She checked with us when it came to price range, but other then that he was the customer.

He really wanted the Tempur-pedic bed, but at $2,500, the price was not right. He made a very good choice in a Serta set. But it would take up to three weeks to get in. We explained that would be fine because that would make it in time for his thirteenth birthday.

Thursday morning I received a call telling me the set was in and could be delivered any day. So I set up delivery for the next day. We chose not to tell David about the delivery because we knew this might create a distraction at school. So it was a happy surprise that he received when he went into his room to change after school. He was even careful to make sure not to get his shoes on the mattress when he tried it out.

We chose to make our purchase at Grand Home Furnishings and we have been very pleased with them. When looking for a new sofa and loveseat we decided to check them out first. We were very happy with the selection, price and service. They even call the day of delivery to give you a time frame, not just am or pm but between 9 and 11. That has made our days much easier to plan. The store personal and delivery men have all been very pleasant. When going into the store they make you feel at home and not like they plan on rushing you through to making a purchase, even offering you a bottle of coke or water.

Since David's old bedding was a twin we needed to buy a new comforter and new sheets. A perfect time to go from kids room to budding teenager. His room use to be "Lego" style, primary colors and geometric shapes. We headed off to Target and we allowed him to choose what he wanted his room to look like, with a little guidance. He wanted a deep red set of sheets, but then wanted the comforter to be the same color. We told him that would be a lot of red and I steered him to a grownup black comforter. He was very excited about this so that's we all agreed would give his room a more mature feel.

David's bed with new mattress - and then with the new sheets, bedspread, pillows and curtains

He slept well his first night on the bed. In fact he really wanted to just lay in the bed and have his dad read to him this morning. We also kept his old mattress in case of company and have stored it under his bed.

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Anonymous said...

It's great when you find a company that gives good service. I have not always been happy with some of my delivery products.
Hope your son has sweet dreams in his new room.