Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Stuck

While eating dinner last night I heard the words "I'm stuck" spoken very softly. I looked over and saw a fearful expression on David's face. I knew exactly what had happened, David had placed his hand through the scroll work under the kitchen table and his hand had gotten stuck. We of course had told him countless times that this would happen, but of course he had to learn the hard way.

Stuck, but smiling
Instead of the horrified look David expected I began to laugh, mind you not a little giggle but a full belly laugh. This sent David into a fit of laughter also. Since Rich had not understood the softly spoken words he was at a loss about what we were in hysterics about. We explained the situation and sprang into action.

Did we butter his hand or try to free him? No we went and grabbed for a camera! Then this still stuck child smiled for the camera. David without having to be told what he did wrong said "That was stupid, I shouldn't have done that." Only after getting the picture did we free his hand. Rich sprayed his hand with cooking spray and gently turned David's wrist and he was free.

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Sharon said...

That's hilarious! Sometimes they do just have to learn the hard way! So funny about grabbing the camera....since I've been in the blogging business, I think in those terms too! I always think, this could be a great story!

Hugs, Sharon