Monday, May 5, 2008

Movie Time

In the last four days we have gone to the YMCA four times. We have a game plan for all of us to use the center to our best advantage. First David and I go to the pool while Rich goes to the wellness center to work out. After about an hour Rich comes to the pool and I head to the wellness center and workout. David has loved it and we are making friends already. This has been a good investment for our family. We eat a light dinner and head to the Y. All the employees and members are so friendly! When we left yesterday David said "you know the song is right—it's fun to stay at the YMCA."

Watching "Phantom of the Opera"
To make it easier to head out the door I bought a beach bag and am keeping it by the front door packed with our towels, Y cards and locks for the locker room. This will help me as everyone is heading out the door and I am trying to grab what we need.
After getting back yesterday David vegged out in front of the TV. One of his favorite movies is "Phantom of the Opera." He has loved this movie for several years. Not a typical twelve-year-old's movie, but he loves the music and drama.

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