Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Great Escape Artist

Last night as we were preparing David for calm-down before bed he looked at Roger's cage and said "Roger's gone." My first reaction after checking that the cage door was still closed was "no way, the door is still closed." But after looking more closely sure enough Roger was out.

Roger was looking at us from behind the cage. I checked out the cage to see how it could have happened and found that Roger had bent the back bars outward and moved the flooring of the cage to make an escape route.

David and I tried in vain to catch Roger, maybe because David was laughing more than helping. I almost had Roger cornered when David moved the box that was holding him in place and Roger got away, again.

I sent David across the street to the church to get Rich, who was at worship team practice. Rich and a friend, Anthony, came over and after several more failed attemps finally captured Roger. We have placed a towel along the bottom of the cage so that he can't use this method next time.

David, Rich, and Anthony surrounding a very pleased Roger

Roger finds these escapes much fun. He will come within inches of our hands and sit there giving himself a bath, look at us and hop away quickly when we move to capture him. If we just move he will remain perfectly still—one smart bunny.

After his return to his home Roger then layed sprawled in his little house. I imagine he was tired from all the commotion he created. This escape only lasted about 45 minutes, I guess our trips to the gym are making us a little faster.
Needless to say David's calm-down time was anything but calm.

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