Monday, May 19, 2008

Crown Sterling

For our anniversary Saturday night we got all dressed up and headed for the finest restaurant in town, Crown Sterling. Their speciality is prime rib and ribeye steaks, meaning my kind of place! This was a place we had often driven by and deeply inhaled the wonderful aroma that surrounds the building. We had talked often about eating there, but had not yet.

My dates at the table
The atmosphere is old-world charm with the staff dressed as you would expect from a fine English manor house. We tried to talk David into trying the Escargot, but he decided against it. I will say he showed more manners then I would have at twelve if my parents had tried to talk me into eating snails. Rich chose the Ribeye with onion soup and baked potato, I chose the 10 oz. filet mignon with bernaisse sauce and baked potato, while David decided on the filet and lobster with bernaisse sauce and baked potato.

David and me
David had never had lobster before and has wanted to try it for over a year now. We didn't want him to order it as a meal and then decide he didn't like it and then complain that he was hungry. Since this a special evening we told him to go for it and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the price. David ate all the filet, lobster, 3 rolls, 3 trips to the salad bar and half of Rich's ribeye and he still wasn't full yet. He did love the lobster and had them wrap up "Lacy the Lobster"s tail to show his friends at school on Monday. Then the server came with the check, but we added a Godiva Parfait dessert for Rich and David and I were to share a Volcano brownie dessert (ok I got one bite, Rich got one bite and David ate the rest.)

But good news, even after eating so much this weekend I lost 2 pounds since Friday! But I was hard at work this morning at the gym.


Sibyl said...

Your evening sounded wonderful. We started letting our children (now grown) choose what they wanted at restraunts. not too bad when they eat what they order. But your story about David still being hungry. You have only started. Sounds like he has the Hollow Leg Syndrome. Just wait.

Take Care.


Richard D said...

Sibyl - He has been professionally diagnosed as having HLS (Hollow Leg Syndrome) by his mother and father. Check out this post.

Sharon said...

What a lovely evening you had! It looks like so much fun! You are so generous to let David have the lobster, he will always remember that night. You guys are such a cute family!

God bless, Sharon

Cindy said...

Oh, great!

Now I'm hungry. (grin)

David reminds me of my husband -- his posture and expressions -- it's weird. When I saw Richard's hot dog blog post, I asked my husband if he ate like that at his age. Apparently, he was not allowed but frequently remembers always being hungry.

Kim said...

David doesn't usually get to eat lobster, hence this being his first experience. But sometimes you just have to enjoy life.