Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bunny On The Run

Rich has noticed that when he leaves the cage door open Roger, our bunny, sniffs all around the opening but doesn't venture out. So this morning Rich laid on the floor with the door open and talked to Roger. I had just said "I don't think it's a good idea. One day Roger is going to decide to make a bre.." I didn't even get the word break out when zoom off he went. Rich said "Don't worry we'll just throw a blanket over him."

Well, Rich was right we did capture Roger by throwing a robe over him. Only, it was after an hour of trying this tactic along with trying to guide him while keeping him from going behind the furniture. Roger was having a good old time with jumping very high and kicking his back paws to the side. He would get very close to us, then turn tail and run. I think he was having a very good time of this game. I was concerned because rabbits like to chew and I don't want my furniture destroyed or little gifts left to be cleaned up (of course, cleaned up by the person who let Roger out.) But he was very good about not doing either of these.

Roger is finally back in his cage. He is trying to get back out to play, but I think it will be a while before we try this again.

David will be very upset that he missed all the action. He would have given us some of his deep belly laughs as he watched all the antics. Only if David had been home Roger would have been caught in a matter of minutes.

Tomorrow will mark the one-month anniversary that Roger joined our family.

This is one of the reasons at the end of the day I say "I didn't finish half of what I had planned on doing today."


Sibyl said...

I have heard you can train rabbits to walk on a leash. Why not get a harness and leash and put it on Roger? That would be a sight to see I'm sure. But at least you can keep up with him.

Love your blog


Kim said...

When we originally checked on a harness for Roger he was way to small. So as he grows we will check into this.
We are also going to get a large wire boundry cage, almost like a playpen, for him to have more room to play in.