Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Candy Cones

For David's party I wanted to have lots of fun and create a unique party for all the guests. So when I saw an idea to use ice cream cones to hold candy I thought it hit the spot.

I took a half a can of vanilla frosting and heated it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. I stirred the frosting, then dipped an inverted ice cream cone into the frosting. After pulling the cone out I let the excess frosting dirp off, then sprinkled sparkles around the top where the frosting was. After the frosting dried I placed small candies into the cones—Zotzs, Double Bubble gum, licorice, Pixie Sticks and other goodies.

I had purchased one can of Pillsbury frosting, but quickly found this would not be enough for 48 cones. So I asked Rich to pick up another can when he went out. It was very interesting. Both cans decorated the same amount of cones. But, the Pillsbury was very sticky after it dried and remained very white. The Betty Crocker vanilla frosting dried without being sticky, but was a more off-white shade.

I made enough for all the kids and adults at the party. But, I also made enough to take to the YMCA for David's Y-Fit class last Friday.

They were a big hit with everyone. And since the cones hold only a few pieces of candy, everyone could pick the candy they liked best, without my spending a fortune.

David's favor boxes also held Pop Rocks and Zotz for each of the kids. Most of the kids and some of the parents had never had either candy. It was so funny to watch their faces as the Zotz began to fizz in their mouths. One of our friends said they even pulled over on the way home to try the Pop Rocks.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, without us having to break the bank or to compete in one-upmanship with our friends.


Anonymous said...

The cones that you used -- were they the flat-bottom kind or the pointed ones? The picture looks like the pointed ones. If so, how did you store them upright? Another great idea. Pop rocks -- haven't heard of those for awhile. Did you ever see "Fizzie"? It was a tablet that you dropped into water and it fizzed like an Alka Selzer table and made a soft drink. Every once-in-awhile the website "Home Town Favorites" that specializes in old fashion candy and food will have them. I used to put them directly into my mouth for an extra punch of flavor. None of my sibs could understand how I could do that. You've gotten me to go down memory lane.
I've never seen a Zotz. I'll have to look for them around here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry -- forgot to sign the above message.
Rita in Oly

Sharon said...

What a clever idea! I am sure my kids would love those. Thanks for sharing your idea!

:0) Sharon

Richard D said...

Rita - Zotz are the most amazing candy ever. They were my absolute favorite when I was a kid and judging from the party they are quite popular with everyone else too. You gotta try them when you find them.

Kim said...

Rita, the cones are the flat bottom kind, so they sat well in the trays I had.