Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Old Virginia Candle Company

Old Virginia Candle Company holds two tent sales each year. This Saturday is the spring sale and thousands will flock to purchase wonderful candles at a very reduced price. On our first visit to one of these tent sales we thought "are these people crazy or what?" when we saw people bringing wagons and grocery carts to carry their purchases home in. It didn't take us long to fall in love with the tri-scent candles, such as the Cafe Treats triplets—a layer of Chai Latte a layer of Red Velvet Cake followed by a layer of Butterscotch Creme Brule. They also sell candle toppers, candle baskets and much more.

Old Virginia Candle Company Tent Sale

Since we had not brought a wagon it was very hard work carting the three large boxes of our purchase. But the price we paid for so many candles would have only purchased us about six large ones at a retail store. We have used these candles to give gifts for my husbands female co-workers and they have been thrilled.

One of the benefits of living where we do is that the factory has an outlet store that carries the candles at the tent sale prices.

Girls favors for David's party
So today I popped into the factory store and snapped up beautiful frosted votive candle holders for a dollar. I also purchased the votive Cafe Treats for just 25 cents each. Tying a ribbon with a charm around the votive and placing a drawstring satchet with Jordan Almonds into a tiny gift bag should make a sweet favor for the teenage girls that will attend David's party.

When David saw the favors, what was his reaction? "I bet I'll get a few kisses out of this." Hum, I wonder what he was thinking when he invited the girls?


Anonymous said...

Any boy who has the confidence to invite girls to his birthday party at this age (and is thinking about getting kisses) is doing alright in the social skills department.
I have a girlfriend who used to live in your "neck of the woods" and was always telling me about her latest great bargain from the factory outlets. Nothing like that here around Puget Sound. You can bet Bill Gates doesn't have any discounts on software!!
Rita in Oly

Kim said...

You are right about David's self confidence with girls.
I will say Bill Gates' foundation donated all the computers and flat panel monitors to the county libraries at our old home. This was a blessing to the county.
Yes, I know that he can well afford it. But there are many others that make lots of money and still don't give anything to charity.
But, it is wonderful to be able to pop into the candle factory store and check on what they've got without the huge crowds.