Thursday, May 8, 2008

Basement Dwelling

Yesterday it was a runaway bunny that altered my plans. Tonight it was something much more serious.

At 8:00 we went into David's room to read our nightly verses, then I leave Rich to read to him from another book. When I turned on the television I learned that we were under a tornado watch and warning. So I called Rich out of the room and explained the situation.

We decided to pull both laptops, our emergency lamp with radio, our cell and blankets and head down to the basement. We got David out of bed, grabbed Roger and have spent the last several hours watching cartoons and kids programs online. The laptops have allowed us to watch the changes in warnings, so we are very thankful for that.

We watched in fascination as our personal warning system (Roger) alerted us to upcoming changes in the weather. Prior to more severe winds, thunder and severe rain Roger would begin to become agitated. He would stay on the side of the cage closest to the storm and run back and forth with his ears perked up. As the storm began to calm, so did Roger.

David asked "Why does God have tornados?" I had to explain I wasn't sure but maybe it was to help us realize that He is in total control and we need to cling to Him more. These are answers only God himself can answer.

We are back upstairs now, watching as our tornando warning was removed. However, there is a possibility of another system coming up from North Carolina. So I imagine I will be checking throughout the night in case we need to head back down to the basement.

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Sharon said...

Stay safe. That is scary. We don't have tornados here in Oregon, but I bet they are scary. I am glad you turned that intense momment into a teachable momment for David.

Have a happy mother's day weekend!

:0) Sharon