Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Additional Guests

Two weeks ago I sat down with David and we made a guest list. I then ordered all the invitations and party supplies based on the guest list. Since he wanted to invite many younger kids from church we invited the parents (they are friends of ours also) and teachers and we decided to have a big barbecue. I have completed all the favors and, except for all the food, everything is ready.

Then the big surprise came for mom, "I invited another girl from school." Not all his teachers could attend so he used an invitation to invite another girl from school named Allie. OK, I can make it work. Then tonight I got a call from Jordan's mom and she can attend, I said "great, we look forward to having her over." The only problem is that there was never a Jordan on our list. So after asking David about it, I found out he had used four of his teacher invitations to invite four girls, Jordan being one of them. Jordan is certainly welcome, but now I must make some amended plans.

The favor boxes have all been assembled and filled with fun treats, but for twelve and I had only one extra box—just in case. So now I have several ideas bouncing in my head for some favor baskets for the five teen girls now invited. I think I can come up with some cute and more mature favors for them.

Of course, I did have a little talk with David about the fact that our planning session was so I knew we had all the supplies we would need. By inviting more, this has created a problem. I am very thankful this was discovered a week and a half before the party and not the day of the party. I'm also very glad that my friend Stacy is making extra cupcakes along with the cake—I think we may be in need of these.

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