Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Month to Celebrate

May is an extremely busy month for us, if you hadn't already noticed since my posts are not as regular. First my friend Peg's birthday is this coming Tuesday, next Sunday is Mother's Day, our anniversary and a nephew's birthday are on the 17th and Labor Day weekend is David's 13th birthday.

I have ordered all the party supplies this week for David's NASA party and made all the plans for the party. I even ordered hats and t-shirts directly from NASA for the three of us. My friend Stacy is taking on the challange of making a space shuttle cake. I got the hotdogs and hamburgers and ice cream on sale this week and threw them in the freezer. The invitations will go out this week—after we finalize the guest list, which seems to change each day. We have the gifts ordered or purchased so I think we're ahead of the game.

Our celebration foyer
Lots of opportunity for us to celebrate. I have changed our entry area table to reflect the celebrations. My favorite is the shadowbox I made that contains David's first birthday picture in front of the party supplies we used for his birthday party. We threw a Winnie the Pooh birthday and had a memorable party. I love pulling out and displaying different pictures through out the year.


Sharon said...

Wow, you sound really organized! He is going to have such a great birthday! I love your tribute to him with the photo display, what a cute little guy!!!

Have a restful weekend!

:0) Sharon

Becky K. said...

I love to throw theme parties for my kids. A NASA party sounds very fun.

Becky K.