Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just Ducky

Saturday was Rich's day. But, Sunday was my friend Abigail's day. I had the honor of throwing her a baby shower. Since Abigail likes old fashioned toys I thought that would make a good theme for her shower. I used lots of rubber ducks, Little Golden Books, a Dick and Jane book and a large building block for decorations.

Abigail's cake
Our friend Stacy was wonderful enough to make one of her amazing cake creations. Dots and Ducks made the cake fun and festive. I made the punch and floated tiny little ducks as a fun surprise. Once again I used my huge galvanized bucket to hold cans of soda and water, but this time I decorated it as a bathtub. Little ducks in front with a washcloth and hooded towel laid across the top gave it a different twist.

Since we don't know weather she's having a baby boy or girl most stayed away from clothes. She received lots of bathtime items, diapers and wipes. Some clothes, a couple blankets and several books rounded out the gifts.

The devotion was given by one of ladies and she spoke about the importance of laughter in motherhood. One of Abigail's bridesmaids led the games. She had Abigail try a new jar of baby food after opening a few gifts. Abigail has decided she doesn't like baby food.

Abigail's reaction to her baby food
I gave all the ladies a form asking them what piece of advice they wished someone had told them. As an example, mine was that "I wish someone had told me that I am capable to parent the child that God gave me. There are days when as mothers we question our own ability to parent our children. Take the advice of others and if it works, great. If it does not, toss it out and move on." I am allowing the ladies a week to complete these forms and return them to me. I plan on making them into a booklet for Abigail.

Abigail is such a wonderful and thoughtful person that she brought me some beautiful flowers and a card tonight to thank me for the shower.

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Mrs.RGS said...

What an amazing cake. You say that someone in your church made that? Not a professional? Wow.