Friday, October 24, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Yeah Right!

If you've read my blog for any length of time you know that we normally make our own pizza. Last week we made the mistake of ordering pizza from Papa John's. I should have known better since the previous two times we ordered from them the pizza was late and cold. But, I guess hope springs eternal.

But, last Friday we ordered online at 4:30 when we received our e-mail confirmation it stated that we should expect deliver in 30-40 minutes. After an hour I called the location and after waiting on hold for 8 minutes (yes, I timed it) I was informed by the employee the e-mail time means nothing. I was also informed that the pizzas had already left and would be here in just a couple minutes. Since the restaurant is less then 2 miles away the pizza should not be cold. About 5 minutes later the pizzas finally arrived. I was all for sending them back unpaid since they were lukewarm to cold. Rich was all for just heating them up. But, after paying the delivery guy and heating them up the pizzas still tasted bad. So out of our two large pizzas we didn't even eat three slices. The rest was thrown into the trash.

I then went onto the Papa John's web site and found this statement. "At Papa John's, we believe better ingredients make a better pizza. If your pizza doesn't meet the quality standards you expect from Papa John's, we'd like to know." So I filled out the customer feedback form and fully expected some kind of answer.

Since the e-mail was sent last Friday night I knew it would take a few days to get an answer. But as of now the only communication from Papa John's is an e-mail "Your Papa John's Pizza Offer Has Arrived!" Needless to say this is going right into my trash box and I have sent another feedback form requesting that I be removed from their list. Now I know that it isn't just a local issue, but the lack of customer care stems from the corporate level.

So as you can imagine we are not ordering in pizza tonight.

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