Thursday, October 30, 2008

That Meal Was Gross!

Apple cider with
frozen cider hands and gummy eyeballs
We decided to make a meal for our Wednesday night kids that would reflect our warped sense of humor. The kids asked before taking any of the food since they weren't sure what the food was and it looked so gross.

Bleeding heart brie
Everyone loved it! We placed creepy spiders all over the counter and table and a skull held vials of bats blood (o.k. it was really ketchup darkened with food coloring). We floated gummi eyeballs and ice severed hands inside the cider filled punch bowl.

Body parts salad
I made a pork mummy, a phyllo-wrapped pork tenderloin. We had a bleeding heart brie cheese with cherry preserves wrapped in dough.

Our body parts salad was black cherry gelatin with cherries and oranges. I wrapped breadsticks around hotdogs and made them look like mummies.

Mummy pork tenderloin
A taco salad stared back at us as we proceeded to eat it. We finished off the meal with bat and bug topped cupcakes.

These evenings with our Wednesday night kids is so wonderful. We get to keep up with what is going on with them and at the same time make sure they are getting a good home-cooked meal at least once a week.

Taco salad with sour cream eyeballs

Skull with vials of bat's blood

Skewered mummy hotdogs

Mary Liz "Lizzie Borden" chowing down


Cynde said...

Hi Kim,
I'm a co-worker of Rich's and friend on Facebook and have just started following his blog. I saw his post and pics about the Halloween dinner and he referenced your blog as well so here I am - I had to see if you included any other gross details because I just love Halloween - the pork tenderloin mummy was genius - you're truly inspired! Thanks for sharing!!

Janet said...

Hi Kim,

Wow, what a gross meal for your kids!! I LOVE it!! You have such a sense of humor! I'm sure the kids loved it!! You are such a party planner!! I've made the mummy hot dogs and the dirt pudding with gummy worms and ghosts, but you've given me some great ideas for future Halloween get togethers!

I really love reading your blog and seeing whats happening in your church and in your family! (I really only read about 3 blogs and yours is one of them!) I did read your husbands blog the other day. I love his pictures at the top of his blog! He seems to have a talent with the camera and taking pictures. By reading his blog about your Halloween Meal you can tell that he really loves you and loves having people over. I think the two of you must be a real asset/blessing to your church and the people in your church. I'm sure that the people can see the love of the Lord in your life!!

The Halloween weather here was fantastic! Many people turned out for "Trunk or Treating". It was a great night. And, YES, I am so glad that Halloween was on a Friday so that the kids can get all the sugar out of their system. We have parent-teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday, so they don't come back to school until Wednesday. Hopefully, they'll be back to normal by then!!

Have a great day!!

Kim said...

The menu I actually found in a little paperback cookbook at the store. So they are not my original ideas. I wish my mind could be that creative!
Rich and I are both warped, but it makes us the perfect pair. I am the planner and he tends to be the conversationist at our gatherings.
David's school is out on Monday and Tuesday also- professional day and voting day. But I made a trip this morning to drop off fruit for the PTA sponsered teacher's breakfast. This gave me a chance to speak quickly with one of his teachers.
The weather here was wonderful for trick or treating also. But we had no visitors since we only have one other house on our street. My friends stopped by yesterday after church with their little ones.
Our church has been more of a blessing to us then we could ever be to them. They opened their hearts and homes to us when we needed it the most.