Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treat Bags

Yesterday I made up trick-or-treat bags to pass out to the kiddies on Friday. We don't have any neighbors with little kids so I invite friends to bring their little ones to come by anytime on Halloween day. I had so much fun making and giving out these bags last year I decided to repeat it this year.

Treat bags
I got the idea last year from Martha Stewart's magazine and saw the bag kits in the craft store this year. Even though the kits were available in the store I found that making my own were alot less expensive.

Each treat takes two lunch bags, a piece of raffia, a stick and candy for inside the bag. The first bag I just fringed the top about 2 inches. I placed the candy in this bag. I then took the second bag and fringed all the way down to the base of the bag (not cutting into the bottom of the bag.) I took the first bag and placed it into the second bag. Gathering up the fringe of the second bag, I placed the stick and tied it all with a piece of raffia.

Between the price of the bags and raffia I paid only a couple of dollars to make 20 treat bags. The sticks I gathered from our yard. Since it has been very windy this week there was no shortage of twigs and small sticks. The kits in the store made up only 10 mini bags for $9.99. The sticks also were just too perfect and straight looking, almost like a pencil. My larger bags also let me put a little more candy in each bag

The kids loved the bags last year and they look so festive right inside our door. This also prevents my boys from eating all the candy that is meant to be given out on Halloween night.


Janet said...

Hi Kim,

I love your candy bags!! Can I bring my kids over?? (Just joking, I live too far away!!) I think that you are a real sweetie to make these treat bags for your friends children and invite them over during the day. You are a real blessing to many!!

Our church does something different. Have you ever heard of "Trunk or Treating"? Our church uses this as an opportunity to reach out to the community. Church members park their cars in the church parking lot, members open up their trucks and have them decorated and filled with candy buckets. Children and their parents travel from car to car and say "Trick or Treat". The members give each of the children a piece of candy. They also have a tv set up and Veggie Tales is playing for kids to watch. There is also hot dogs and drinks for everyone! This year the local Christian Radio station was broadcasting from the church as well. It is just a nice outreach and provides a "Safe" trick or treating place for children. Everyone seems to have a lot of fun!!

Well, I have to finish getting things ready for my class for tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!


Kim said...

Janet-I think it's great that your church is using Halloween as an outreach. And I love Veggie Tales! I will pray for your event this year- no rain and lots of visitors.
Too often churches pull away from their communities instead of trying to effect them by being the salt of the earth. My salt doesn't do any good when I keep it in it's container and we don't do any good when we never leave our churches.
Your kids are welcome to come and get some treats, in fact one of my friends brought her two little ones last night. This year it is bringing me even more joy since David has outgrown trick or treating.
I bet your class will be wild tomorrow as the anticipation grows through out the day. Aren't you glad that it falls on a Friday so the kids can eat all their candy before returning to school next week?