Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Great Success

Our baby bottle fundraiser is over and God has really blessed it. Last year we collected $41000 so I kept our goal low. But as week after week God's people continued to back this ministry, I carried loads of change to the bank to be counted. The cashiers were very supportive and encouraging with these weekly trips.

The grand total that I was able to turn over to the church this morning was $1,07427. That's two and a half times the amount that was raised last year!


Janet said...

Wow Kim!

God has really blessed your efforts for the baby bottle fundraiser!! How exciting to see that your church has raised two and a half times the amount that was raised last year!!

Your "Ladies Fall Gathering" seems like it was a lot of fun!! I love reading about what all is happening within your church!! You really have a great church!!

Your baby shower for Abigail seemed like it was a lot of fun too! What a cute cake! (I wish you would of shared/posted more pictures of your decorating. It seemed like a very cute theme!

I really enjoy reading your blog! You seem like such a sweet, positive, Christian lady.

Have a great week! I'm praying that your son has a great week too!!


Kim said...

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement.
I will post more of the decorating from the baby shower. I had lots of fun and since I was a preschool photographer for five years I have lots of baby props.
The ladies of our church have a wonderful ladies ministry even though we are a small church. We began a new Bible study a couple weeks ago about prayer. Satan has really tried to deter me from getting the homework completed. Each time I find the house is quiet and I stop because it would be a good time something happens. Someone (often school) calls, someone visits or David will decide he wants to talk or cuddle with me. These times are so rare and fleeting I can't let them pass.
I really appreciate prayers for David, they are really needed.
Look for the shower pictures later in the week. And thanks for asking for them.