Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks For The Memories

Now that summer is over I have more time since David is in school I have resumed unpacking boxes we have stored. I am finding junk that should have been thrown out instead of moved, hence a trip to the dump yesterday. But along with the junk there are also items that bring back wonderful memories.

One of the items I found was an ImageCD that Rich had made with a few of David's baby pictures. So much has changed since these images were made that Rich had to convert them to JPEG for me. But, the pictures are wonderful.

One of the pictures shows David and his half-birth sister. We had invited David's birth-mother and birth-sister shortly before Christmas to give them Christmas gifts. In one of the pictures his half-sister is kissing him on his head. It was such a sweet moment and I am glad that we have it on CD.

I love the picture of David looking out the back door. He was just learning to stand and you can see his death grip on the pane molding on the door. Don't you just love all those black ringlets that covered his head? This used to cause a real problem, since everyone thought he was such a cute GIRL.


Janet said...

Hi Kim,

What precious pictures of David as baby!! (I didn't realize that you had adopted him as a baby.) He is such a cutie!! Don't they grow up so fast??
Have a GREAT week-end!

Kim said...

Yes we were very fortunate to be in the hospital, and I was even in the delivery room, when he was born.
He has always been a very bright and busy little boy.