Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally Some Results

After six weeks of school David finally got a one-on-one that was supposed to begin on the first day of school. This time we have a male one-on-one and it will be interesting to see how things work out.

I met this week with a representative of the agency that is providing the service. I feel they are more prepared for this type of work than the last agency was. Much of the last agency's work was intense home therapy, which we were not in need of.

The new one-on-one began yesterday and David was testing all the limits so it was a little bit of a rough start. But, today was a very smooth day. I went in to school during the last class today in order to meet him. I wanted him to get his feet wet before asking if he had any questions.

I have now sent a letter to the school department that provides the funding for the one-on-one services to request that they award no new contracts to the old agency. Since the old agency hasn't been able to provide the services of existing contracts they don't need to pursue any new contracts.

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