Monday, October 20, 2008

Chili Weather

This weekend the weather took a turn to the chilly side. This was perfect timing since our friends Doug and Elaine have a chili-fest at their home each fall. We really missed last year, since it had to be canceled due to Elaine's mother's health. Rich has been scouring the internet for a recipe to make sure his was the hottest at the event. Rich began cooking his brew the night before the event and let it meld overnight. I made an apple dump cake to take and share.

Doug and Elaine own a beautiful home in the country so there is lots of room for the kids to play. With a minimum of 50 guests there is a variety of chili types. Everything from very mild to heart-stopping hot. The kitchen table is laden with a variety of desserts and the drinks are served on the enclosed porch. The livingroom was even set up with a table for additional seating.

Upon getting to the house, families quickly separate. The men head for the field for a game of football, the kids head to the fort, swing and riding toys, and the ladies head indoors for catching up with what has gone on in each other's lives and inspecting the desserts for quality assurance.

One of our college students' moms was visiting for the weekend and was amazed at the quantity of chili-filled crock pots. There were at least 11 pots of chili that I was able to count. There were cookies, cakes and a ton of brownies for the sweet tooth. Elaine had fresh, hot bread for the dinner.

The fellowship at this event is wonderful. At church people tend to sit with friends within their own age group, but not so with this event. Everybody mingled and I got to talk to many people on a deeper level then I have ever gotten to in the past.

Doug pulled out the tractor and hooked up the hay wagon to give several hayrides. David loved it; he even rode twice. We saw many married couples cuddling with each other. Later there was a bonfire, we missed this to make sure David got to bed in time since church was the following morning.

The next morning we found out that one couple even got engaged that evening. Congratulations Lisa and David!!


Janet said...

Hi Kim,

The Chili-Fest looks like a lot of fun!! You never did say, was Rich able to have the "hottest" chili there?? How exciting to have a couple get engaged at this event as well!!


Kim said...

Janet, Rich did have the hottest chili at the event. I was working in the nursery the next morning, but I understand that our Pastor even mentioned that "Rich was trying to kill us" with his hot chili. I am happy to say there were no deaths that can conclusively be attributed to his chili.