Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Drama of Creation

The beginning of Natural Bridge's
"The Drama of Creation"
During our visit to Natural Bridge we were able to see the "Drama of Creation." Because Natural Bridge is still privately owned, they have continued a tradition that began on May 22, 1927, when United States President Calvin Coolidge pressed the button that inaugurated the night illumination of the bridge. The program combines some of the greatest symphonic compositions with an impressive lighting system and Bible readings that walk you through the Biblical account of creation.

There are chairs set out each night for the viewers to watch the drama in comfort from both sides of the bridge. As the sun begins to set the bridge itself becomes the stage for this wonderful show.

The following morning we headed to the caverns. Even though it was July, it became very cold as we made our way down into the cavern. The slow draining of water has sculped rooms and still continues at about an inch every 125 years.

The tour was a 45-minute journey that took us 34 stories into the earth. Even though we took the tour with several other families from the adoption weekend, David (and the other children) didn't have to be reminded to stay close. I think the cold and darkness of the cavern gave them a natural caution while we were in there.

This was a wonderful opportunity to see the marvels and variety of what God has created for our enjoyment. I would encourage anyone who has the chance to take the time to see these wonders.

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