Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celebration Saturday

Saturday was my husband's birthday so we took him on an adventure. We began the day at a local winery. We have visited other wineries but this one made fruit wines. While he tasted a few wines, David played with the farm dog and I checked out the pumpkins, jams and jellies. It was foggy on the mountain and a bit on the wet side so we could not go out and pick any apples.

We then headed down to the small town of Bedford to Centerfest. They close several blocks in the town and have live entertainment, food stands, crafts, safety demonstrations, food stands (oh, did I already mention them?), kid's crafts, kid's games and, oh yeah, food stands. The food was really good with lots of choices. We had lots of fun and David was able to sit in a go-cart from a local college, they even started it for him. He was invited inside the police car's driver seat and the officer turned on the lights. Rich loved taking pictures at this unique event. We bought David a rubber band gun with a target and he was in heaven.

On the way to Centerfest David must have been thinking of Rich's birthday because he asked us, "since you guys were so old when God gave me to you are you going to die before my friends' parents?" How's that for making you feel good on your birthday? We told him it wasn't that we were so old as much as he was so active that would send us to an early grave. Really, we told him that heredity and taking care of yourself would help determine how long we would live.

When we got home we had to hurry in order to get ready for our dinner reservations at a local steakhouse. Rich and I weren't that hungry since we had lunch at the Centerfest. But this worked out well since David ate his food, half of Rich's and part of mine.

For Rich's gift we got a fire pit. Rich has been wanting one for a while and I thought it would be a perfect gift. David is always so excited about gift-giving that we had to give Rich the gift a couple days early so that David wouldn't spill the beans.

Many friends sent cards and we are so thankful for the many wonderful friends that we have.

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Mrs.RGS said...

Happy Birthday, Rich.
And to Mr. Smarty Pants David -- it will be a LONG time before you will inherit all the wealth your parents are accumulating!!!!!!!