Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thanks to Quirky Cottage

Rita over at the Quirky Cottage has been sweet enough to give me the "Kreativ Blogger" award. Many thanks to Rita. Rita is a wonderful blogger herself and has a great sense of humor (which I am often in need of.) She always seems to look to the good in life and not as much at the bumps along the way.

I am to list six things that make me happy. I have to admit this week does not lend itself to happiness, but here goes.

1.I am happy that my salvation is based on God's work and not my own.
2.I am happy that I am married to my best friend for 22 years.
3.I am happy that God chose us to be David's parents.
4.I am happy that I am in good health (I think too often we take this for granted).
5.I am happy that I am an American.
6.I am happy that I can become friends with other women and moms around the world through blogging.

I am to send this award to six more blogs—that I will have to think a little harder on.


Mrs.RGS said...

First of all, thank you for your kind words, Kim.
I was afraid that David may be getting off to a rocky start with his first one-on-one was not in place on that first day. I'm so sorry that you've had such a struggle this week. It is at these times I wish I could sit beside you, not that I could do anything to help, but offer support and to cheer you on.
Tom Sawyer -- great choice. I'll be interested in hearing what he thinks of that story.

Kim said...

Thank you Rita! Your words alone have done a world of good to my morale.
It is hard to constantly be on David to make sure he doesn't enjoy any of his time out of school. He has skimmed Tom Sawyer and now he must go back and READ it. We knew he didn't read it when we asked about the job he did on the white wash fence. When he stated that Tom did a good job and his mom was happy we knew he hadn't really read it. When he went back and got to that part he began to laugh about how Tom got others to do the job.
Hope your weekend was great.