Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Like Cinderella

This weekend we stayed close to home and went down to the city market. We arrived late so many vendors were packing up, but I think this may have helped get me a great deal on a pumpkin.

My Cinderella Pumpkin
I found Cinderella's pumpkin and it's beautiful! Cinderella is an ornamental novelty pumpkin. Deeply ridged, exceptionally flattened. Thick, sweet flesh is moist and custard like. Ours weighs in at 39.8 pounds. I only paid $10.00 for this little gem. I had never seen a pumpkin like it. It now sits proudly on our front porch to greet our visitors.

We thought about heading to one of our favorite places for lunch, but decided to try a new place. We had seen this cute little place sitting on the edge of the river many times and always said "We really need to check it out. It looks so interesting." Well, we finally did try it. "Texas Inn" is open 24 hours a day and is only closed on Sundays.

David & me in front of The Texas Inn
We had to wait a minute while other customers left to get three stools together at the counter. There is only a counter and no booths or other seating. There were two waitresses that served the counter and you got to watch the cook make your meal. The lunch menu is very basic with hot dogs, burgers, westerns and variations on these items.

David ordered three chili dogs, Rich had a cheesy western and a "funny" which is a hot dog bun without the dog but with all the fixin's. I ordered two hit dogs, only had one and a half (David had the other half.) I also ordered an orange cake which all three of us shared. I was amazed at how well the waitresses kept track of all the people at the counter.

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Sharon said...

Love the pumpkin! I have never heard of Cinderella Pumpkin, but I do like it! The restaraunt sounds great! You guys are a cute family!

xox Shar