Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goal Reached!

Today I took this week's baby bottles to have the change counted in order to update our Liberty Godparent fundraising total. Our church still has two weeks left before the campaign ends and we have surpassed last year's total and also this year's goal. We had hoped to raise $50000 ($90 more than last year's total)—and we have now reached $62940, with two more weeks to go!

I had several people approach me on Sunday to say they have bottles that they are still filling. We had one family that took their children out into their neighborhood and filled their bottles that way. With four children they were able to do a great job. From the older members to the youngest, everyone has gotten behind this project.


Mrs.RGS said...

Yeah to God's people! How rewarding to see a project like this succeed. Makes me smile.
Kim, you're killing me with the invite for BBQ ribs. I thought your Wednesday meals were the economical kind -- ribs ain't cheap!. I read your invite just before lunch yesterday and my mouth would not stop watering.

Sharon said...

Praise the Lord! Isn't it great when people are generous! I love it!

:0) Sharon