Thursday, September 18, 2008


This week has been a bit busy, if you hadn't already guessed.

First, still no one-on-one for David. This is very upsetting and frustrating for all of us. The school has tried to send an aid as much as possible and I am thankful for this. But, since it is not a consistent one-on-one I am not able to have an on going dialog. This is so important so we know when problems occur and don't learn about them two or three days later after more problems are then piled upon the first issue. Since the one-on-one is not listed in his IEP they are not required to get one in there immediately. The reason it's not listed is due to the way school issues are paid for. If it was written in the IEP it would have to be funded through the cities special education money. Since this is a service funded by a FAPT team it can't be written in the IEP. Aargh!

Yesterday we began our home school civics class with David in earnest. We had already used the wonderful "School House Rock" DVDs last week to teach him how a bill becomes a law and also the preamble to the constitution. I still remembered these songs from my own childhood so I know how well it works. After I mentioned the fact that all the School House Rocks were on DVD she went out and bought them too. She said she hadn't even thought about it, but the kids love them.

Last night we had a great group over for dinner. We served nine with homemade pizzas. Actually we made and rolled out the dough and they were required to assemble the pizza with what they wanted. I went to the city market and got fresh veggies. We had toppings for them to make whatever they wanted- except mushrooms. Rich and I are both highly allergic to mushrooms so that was not on the menu. The two young ladies that have just started their first year of college were so happy to have a home cooked meal. The newness of leaving home for the first time is wearing off a little.

I have been busy planning Abigail's baby shower. Though her baby isn't due until December there is so much that is going on then we felt it was best to go ahead with it. Abigail's baby is due the same time another girl at church is getting married so we also have her shower to plan. We also wanted to keep both showers away from Thanksgiving. Abigail and Joe do not know (or at least are not sharing) the sex of their baby so the theme is "An old Fashion Childhood." Rubber ducks, Little Golden books, Dick and Jane books and building blocks. My friend Stacy is making the cake and I can't wait to see and taste it.

I also have been busy with the Liberty Godparent fund raiser. I will share our total with you tomorrow.


Sharon said...

Wow girl, you are busy! I am so sorry that things are being so difficult regarding David's school. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but it sounds like it is so tough. I will pray that the Lord will resolve this soon for you. Your homemade pizza night sounds like such fun. I bet those college kids loved it! Also, the baby shower sounds adorable, what a great idea to have the old fashioned theme. Very cute! You are a true servant of the Lord.

I also wanted to thank you for wishing me a happy birthday! I did have a great day.

God bless you,


Mrs.RGS said...

Wow, you are juggling so much. I'm sorry this school year is starting out so rocky.

Kim said...

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. It has been very upsetting, but I know God has a purpose for even this.