Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unexpected Guest

This morning as we were walking out the door to take David to the bus (yeah— suspension is over), we found a visitor waiting for us. A very sad but beautiful border collie was laying under the house's overhang. I'm not sure how long he has been there but it looks like he has been on his own for a little while. There is a collar around his neck but without any tags. He looked like he was well cared for but now he is cold, hurt and hungry.

We gave the poor dog some milk which he scarfed up so we gave him some more. After taking David to the bus I took a detour to the church while Rich returned home. The dog had moved to the other side of the house then dissappeared. When I returned home a few minutes later the dog had returned.

We took a towel out to cover the dog and gave him some hamburger buns. The buns were downed quickly. Then we pulled out a hamburger pattie from the freezer and after defrosting it we gave it to him. The pattie and some more buns went down just as quickly. He is now much more active and is now wagging his tail.

David would love to keep the dog, but he looks very old and has cataracts. An old dog with problems getting around would not be a good pet for David. We have had several dogs that we had to return within a month of getting since David's energy level has worn out even puppies. This dog needs a calm home where it can just lay and be pampered.

I have called animal control and left a message so that we can get the best care for this visitor.

UPDATE: It is just before 11:00 am and Animal Control just left to take our guest to the vet's. His hind-end has lost almost all his fur. They think he may have just roamed and "plum gave out" before he could make it home.

It has been very interesting to see our rabbit Roger's response. Even though the dog never came in the house, he did lay right outside our window to be near us. I had never touched the dog—only placed food in a bowl for him—but Roger hardly ate since the dog arrived. He also sat back in the corner of his cage and didn't interact with us. Now that the dog is gone Roger is running around his cage and playing with his toy ball. Jealous little bunny.


Sharon said...

Oh, I hope the dog finds his home and his owners. How very sad. I am so glad that you guys found him and took such good care of him.

Hugs, Sharon

Mrs.RGS said...

Roger's reaction is surprising. Who would guess that a rabbit would be jealous while watching you interact with a dog outside! Do you suppose Roger was worried that you were going to bring the dog into the home that he has ruled these past months?
God guided the dog to the best place to get the help he needed.

Kim said...

I think Roger was worried he would have a rival for our attention.
I am hoping the dog's owners can be found. David was very upset when he got home and the dog was gone. But, we thought it would be better that way. We will check at the pound this weekend to see how the dog faired and if he was returned home.
Later in the day I went outside and found five birds and two squirrels playing in the yard. I think word has spread among the animal kingdom.