Monday, June 23, 2008

Treasure Seekers

Tonight was the first night of our church's Vacation Bible School. For the last three years we have used a beach theme along with seeking treasure. This has allowed us to build our props each year and this year the church looks fantastic.

One of the decorated VBS rooms
The same team of leaders has worked hard each year to make sure the program is not only fun, but more importantly, teaches the children Biblical truths.

It was interesting to watch last year how a few people made suggestions to "help" just two weeks before the beginning of VBS with drastic changes for the leaders to make. The ladies in charge are great about encouraging others to get involved, but the process begins in January, not in June. I also noticed these "helpers" were not offering to do the work, just ideas to change the program.

Last year we had already booked and paid for our vacation when the date was announced. So this year we made sure we would be in town to help (work). I am helping a friend with the crafts. Each class goes through our room and each craft is geared for their age group. While the theme and decorations are reused, we are careful to use different crafts each year. I am happy to say that everything went very smoothly tonight. We have purchased enough supplies for each class. But, more importantly we have worked well with dividing the work up between us. We each made samples well before this week and were able to work out any kinks or change crafts that we found might not work well. All our supplies are purchased and stored in labeled cubbies for the entire week. We also worked together last night to decorate our room. We also worked very well together when the children came in.We would both give instructions as the craft went along—even though we hadn't practiced what we would say.

The church foyer, decorated for VBS
Each year we incorporate a missions project into the program. This year we are collecting non-perishable food for "Gleaning For the World." This is a local Christian organization that provides humanitarian supplies for domestic and international relief. This year there is even a prize for the family that brings in the most food.

I remember fondly my own summers in Tennessee when I joined my cousins at the local Baptist church for VBS. This was the only time of the year some of my relatives attended church. An older couple would invite us and pick us up and return us home. I can even remember their names—Mr. and Mrs. Patton. God was able to use them to plant the seeds in some of my cousins' hearts. When the church had other programs—4H days or Christmas caroling—they always made sure to invite us. They were wonderful people who didn't hesitate to chauffeur and chaperone a carload of kids to church functions.


Mrs.RGS said...

What a rare and blessed experience. To work "in one accord". So many different personalities and temperments all working together peacefully with one collective goal. Wow. Is this a one or two week event?

Kim said...

This is only a one week event. And it has been a pleasure to work with Lindsay on the crafts. It has been funny- one day last week I tried to call her and got a busy signal. At the same time she had been trying to call me and got a busy signal. After talking last night about how much we like working together we discovered our birthdays are only 3 days apart (but many years).

Kelly said...

Wow, what cool set-ups and what a neat program, Kim! It sounds like the children will be truly blessed!