Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My How Times Have Changed

While my husband was playing a video games last night, David asked him what video games were like when we were kids. We explained the early video games we played. I remember my father bringing home Atari's pong game. We were the first in our neighborhood to have one. My brother Mike and I played for hours. Turning the little dial in order to score a point against our opponent.

I found this YouTube video of a game of pong. For some reason David doubled over in gales of laughter when he watched it. It is so hard for him to think that video games have not been around for hundreds of years. (Contrary to popular belief we are not that old.)

I hope this blast from the past brings a smile to you too (or maybe gales of laughter?)


Anonymous said...

Intellivision was what we bought for our kids. "Night Stalker" was a game I got hooked on in 1987. Now, 20 years later, I've downloaded the free version onto my laptop and "play" it while watching television in the evenings. Never could have guessed that 20 years ago.
Kim, I'm thinking of starting a blog after I retire in 7 months. I'd love your input and thoughts about your experience. My purpose would be to help keep in touch with friends and family and to help me stay on task when I no longer have an 8 to 5 job.
If you have the time and willing to share what you've learned over the last few months I'd truly appreciate it. My home email addy is rrshaefer@comcast.net
Rita in Oly

Sharon said...

That's hilarious! I remember my husband playing Astroids when we were dating. I also liked Pac Man. We bought an old Atari system at a garage sale and my kids learned and mastered the games in minutes! We have come a long way baby!!!

:0) Sharon

Kim said...

I love Pac Man! Our church has an old Ms Pac Man arcade game in the game room and the kids have to fight the adults to play it.
Rita- I'll be sending you an e-mail later this week about your blog. I can't wait to see what you can do with one.