Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making Life Beautiful

I came across the most amazing magazine, life:beautiful – Faith For The Journey magazine. The wonderful scene on the cover grabbed my attention, but the content in the magazine was what made me want to buy the magazine. This was the first time I had ever seen the magazine, but their web site shows the first issue was published last year.

life:beautiful magazine
Though the magazine is geared to the contempory Christian woman it has a small town timeless feel to the articles. While Biblical verses are used throughout the magazine, the use is not forced. The verses compliment the articles and convict with the verses and not by heavy-handed beating-you-over-the-head with the author's point of view.

The photography is amazing! The articles deal with a wide variety of topics, almost all of which I was interested in. There are crafts to do with the kids, dinnertime picnics, recipes for cold soups, organizing the home, how to organize a yard sale and more.

My favorite article was about fairs—town, county and state fairs. It brought to my mind my own childhood when we attended our county fair several times. Even though we have taken David to the county fair, I now want to make a trek to the state fair with our family this year.

One of the articles has helped us decide on our summer vacation. In "Fireflies," Campbell Cloar's remembrance of summers past and the fireflies captured reminded me of my own childhood summers in Tennessee. We had originally planned on going to Florida again this year to visit grandparents, but will put this off until Christmas. We are now planning to visit relatives in Tennessee and visit Dollywood. The last time David was there was as a toddler, so he is looking forward to the trip. Most of my cousins and their families still live in the Greeneville area so there are many children for him to play with.

The women in the magazine look like I could relate to and be friends with. They take care of themselves and their homes. This magazine advances the idea that you can be contemporary and still be modest and desire to deepen your relationship with God.
If you haven't seen the magazine yet it is worth checking it out for yourself.

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Sharon said...

It sounds wonderful....I'll have to go check it out. How neat that you are planning so many fun things with your son this summer, he will love it!

Hugs, Sharon