Friday, June 20, 2008

Dance Class Partner

Yesterday Rich had to be in Washington all day—in fact he didn't get home until after midnight. So what to do about dance class? I didn't want to miss the second of only four classes (and next week I may have to miss because I'm helping with Vacation Bible School.) So David came with me.

Belly dancer at Epcot, Disneyworld
I figured he could sit out in the hall and read, but the teacher and other students graciously welcomed him to watch. He was very tired (since the class begins after his bedtime.) But he really enjoyed watching all us moms learning to belly dance.

Most of us had purchased the hip scarfs with the coins on them (I call them butt bangles) and so we all tried to make sure we moved enough to hear the gentle tinkling of the coins.

This week's class took it up a notch and even though I have been working on the treadmill and other equipment for over a month I still found this was really working lots of extra muscles. David thinks it's cool that his mom is learning something new and can't wait for me to dance for his dad.

The response has been fun to watch when I tell friends (especially church friends) that I joined a belly dancing class. Many say they would love to go too but maybe in another 10 years they will get up the nerve. Others say they would love to learn now. I explained to one of the maybe-in-another-10-years friends that I found it so very freeing to express myself and step out of my comfort zone.

I had thought I would stand out as being the most uncordinated klutz in the class, but am pleasantly surprised that most are having the same "chewing gum and walking" issues I am with the hand and hip movements together. I am enjoying it so much I may have to join the next class when it begins.

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