Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eventful Night

Thursday night saw quite a bit of action at our house. First there were several kids playing at the playground across the street from our house. When David saw one of the boys pee on the ground, Rich went to speak to them about it. He found the youngest girl lying on the ground. We are not sure what happened, but she was screaming and crying. He told the kids to come let me know so we could call someone and none of the three children would obey. I looked out to see what was taking Rich so long when I saw him speaking to the girl on the ground.

I went out to see what was going on and told the kids to go get their parents. None of the kids would obey us. I called 911 and was asked if we had tried to contact the parents. We explained we didn't where they lived and the kids wouldn't go to let them know. We then kept the other kids from moving her and kept her still while waiting for the EMTs.

They arrived within minutes of our placing the call and were wonderful with the little girl. She is seven years old and at least two of the other kids were siblings. She was able to move her legs, but held her arms very stiffly. The EMT's immobilized her and continued to tell the other kids to get her parents.

After at least 6 orders, they finally got one boy to go. He came back right away and stated they were alseep. We told him they needed to come because she needed to go to the emergency room. The boy refused to return. The EMTs then told the oldest girl to take me and wake the parents. On our way she pointed to a vehicle and told me it was her mom. I waved her over and told her about the seriousness of the situation. It turned out to not be Mom but an aunt. We left as the aunt began to argue with the EMTs. No parents ever showed up. We have heard nothing more about the condition of the little girl and, of course, since we don't even have a name we can't check up on her.

I was able to change and make it to my dance class just in time. It was wonderful and there were many moms like me with middle-school aged kids. We had a great time, there were lots of giggles. When I returned home I called a friend and told her about my dance class and she began to laugh.

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Kelly said...

That's so frightening about the little girl, Kim! I'm praying for her. That's really just so disgusting and frustrating that some children are not able (taught) how to properly behave. I've seen that before, too. It's doubly scary.

So glad that your class is going great! That sounds like so much fun! :o)