Saturday, June 21, 2008

Early Christmas Shopping

Yes, I am one of those annoying people that likes to finish all the Christmas shopping before December even begins.

I had received an e-mail from Bath and Body Works about a sale. Of course, usually what I buy isn't on sale so I normally ignore the messages. But, I do love their hand lotion since it is not greasy and doesn't irritate my skin. I am also a girly-girl and love shops like this.

When I got there I found this was not your average sale. Almost everything was on sale, with the lowest discount at 33% off to many items at 75% off.

This was the right time to pick up items for gift bags or baskets for friends and family. I purchased a variety of items that totaled $138.00—whoa. But my total after tax was $40.40. Their glycerin soap which is normally $3.50 is on sale for $1.00.

This is their semi-annual sale, but I have been there before at one of these sales and this one had much more on the larger discount tables. Often stores that have up to 75% off will have one or two items that I really am not interested in. The e-mail stated the sale ends on June 23rd.

Now I can hear all the CVSers saying I can get a whole pack of soap for 2 cents. And though I do like a good deal and to save money I also like to be pampered sometimes. And I would not be likely to put a bar of normal soap in a gift basket, but I would a lovely colorful bar to pamper my friend. The money I save on household items on sale I like to use to live a little, pampering my husband, son and, yes, even myself.


Mrs.RGS said...

You said it first -- you are annoying for shopping for Christmas in JUNE, but oh, so smart. Saving 75% on items that you'll use and love to gift -- what a blessing. That's dancing in the streets great!

Sharon said...

Oh, you're making me feel guilty! I am so impressed that you start your Christmas shopping this early! It is so wise and I bet it feels so good! I hope you are having a good day!

:0) Sharon

linda said...

I hit this sale too...and purchased 20 items for little gifts as you did. I ran over to this sale as soon as I heard about it...and it was totally worth it!