Monday, June 30, 2008

Dirty Masterpieces

We've all been told that when life gives you lemons, just make lemonade. Well when Scott Wade is given a dirty car window he turns it into a masterpiece. Apparently Scott and his wife live on a dirt road in Texas and their car windows are never clean. So instead of "clean me," he turns them into works of art. Just watch this and you'll be amazed.

I love his philosophy—when asked why he would spend so much time on something that's not made to last his response was that we need to let go of things and nothing is meant to last.

The Bible tells us this is not our home and even we will turn into dust one day. I know that God will turn me into a work of art when I die, but I still wouldn't mind if someone turned my earthly dust into a work of art also.

You can find more of Scott's work on his web site.

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