Monday, June 16, 2008

Double Celebration Dinner

Since my birthday and Father's Day fall in the same week, we decided to go out to a fancy restaurant. We had planned on trying a place we had never eaten at but that had come highly recommended. I went online to check out the menu and quickly realized it was not the place for us. First it had very frou frou food and I don't tend to like places like that. Second the menu listed mushrooms in almost half their dishes and since I am allergic to mushrooms that seriously limited my options. It is so wonderful that you can check menus on line before taking the time and gas to find out a place isn't right for you. This was also an expensive restaurant and I would not have been happy.

So we checked online to find a place that would suit all three of our tastes. I had passed a little place last year called "PorterHouse Restaurant and Lounge." I found their menu online and knew it was a place we needed to check out. We like to eat an early dinner so made reservations for 5:30. They had a table for three all set for us when we arrived and there were only a few other tables occupied. We began the meal with Shrimp Cocktail and Charleston Crab Bisque. Fresh bread was promptly delivered. David ordered the Angel Hair Pasta Marinara, Rich ordered the Fresh Sea Scallops a la Jamaica while I chose the Slow Roasted Prime Rib Au Jus.

All the meals were served with a fresh house salad and Rich's and my meal both included a baked potato. The wait staff was very interesting. Most restaurants go for younger employees but the staff here was more mature. I would say all the servers were at least our age. The service we received was excellent and unrushed. There was sufficient time between courses to allow our food to settle without too much time to think they forgot to order the food. While waiting for our main course we saw one of David's early one-on-one specialists come in. We were able to catch up with her about how the school year ended. When our meals came, David had to sample a little of mine, then a little more. His take on the meal was "outstanding." I think he said this at least 15 times during the meal. David ate all his meal and part of mine. The food was excellent and we will be back.

By the time we finished our meal the restaurant had pretty much filled up. I love that the smoking section is a room at the other side of the restaurant from the non-smoking section. Also a side note, the Porterhouse was a little less expensive than the restaurant we had planned on going to. So we were very happy about our change in plans.


Anonymous said...

Kim, it occurred to me a couple of days ago that you have Mother's Day, Father's Day, David's birthday, your birthday, and your anniversary all tucked into a month's time! Makes me tired just to think of all the planning you must do during those weeks.
Rita in Oly

Becky K. said...

Sounds like a great place. So glad it worked out well.

Becky K.

Kim said...

Rita- it has been a full few weeks. Now I have a baby shower for one of the ladies at church to pull together, plus helping with the crafts for Vacation Bible School next week.
Luckily then we don't have much going on until September.