Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update on David

Titanic Menu
Thank you to everyone who has visited my son's blog and commented. He is one happy little boy, at least about the blog.

However, if you look at how I've decorated my new kitchen board you will see our Titanic menu. You will also notice an addition of beef liver. Yes, David needs a reminder lesson on not throwing away food. David chose to make an afternoon snack of cereal, only then didn't eat it. I told him he would need to eat it before he was allowed to eat the pork chops meal I had already planned.

David smiling in spite of his liver dumplings
When a little later I was informed he had eaten it, I had my doubts. I asked him another two times, then I explained that he needed to think carefully before answering me again because if he lied he would be eating liver for a week. "David did you eat all the cereal?" "Yes" was his reply. After checking the sink and not finding anything I checked the trash. Bingo. He then had to have abother bowl of cereal for dinner and liver for the week. Of course, he wanted to know if he could change his answer after I found the dumped food.

I explained to him again that even if I had not found out his sin that God would have known. And that his disobiedience—and worse, his lying—would have consequences. He had been given every chance to be honest with him only having to eat a bowl of cereal. But, his lying pushed us into a more serious consequence.


Sharon said...

Wow Kim! I'm glad that you stuck to your guns. This will be a lesson he will not soon forget! How does he handle the liver? Is it okay for him or does he gag? I have learned that I don't have a consequence for the kids if I really don't want to keep my end of it! I think you did good and I hope that he will learn. The big lesson is lying and remember that God sees it all and it greives God's heart.

Hugs, Sharon

P.S. He is adorable!

Kim said...

He doesn't gag, just great big tears. I feel so bad that we must do this, but I had made him understand before his "final answer" so I feel it was his decision and not mine. After eating the liver we did allow him to eat the potatoes and then strawberry shortcake for dessert. We are having chicken parmesan while he is having liver again. But, he will be allowed to eat the Titanic dessert tonight- Chocolate Painted Eclairs. I must confess this is the only recipe from the Titanic I bought instead of made myself.
With the feeding the new bunny, grocery shopping for next week and going to the Hillcats home opener game tonight I knew there wouldn't be time. I am still going to include the recipe in a post.