Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq

This weekend my husband had the privilege to officially photograph an event highlighting the documentary "Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq." The film highlights 10 Soldiers and Marines whose lives were changed forever in service to their country. Alive Day is the term used for the day these heroes narrowly escaped death in Iraq. In the film they spoke about their feelings about their service and their life-changing injuries. Many of those featured in the file attended this function in person. The men and women had such an open honesty about their experiences and injuries that Rich felt an immediate liking to them and desire to help them tell their stories with the same dignity they exhibit.

Marine Corporal Mike Jernigan
Because the film contains some content that we were concerned about David seeing, he and I did not attend the event. However, we were able to meet Mike Jernigan, one of the men featured in the film, the next morning as we were leaving the hotel. Rich's company had booked him into a nice hotel, since the day would be long and he would be required to photograph until late into the evening. Even though he was not able to enjoy the amenities, David and I were glad to. The room was a Platinum Member's room and very plush. David wanted to use the honor bar, but I had told the front desk to keep the key. Who wants to pay $3.00 for a can of soda? I had visions of a bill that exceeded the room rate.

David and a quick-moving metro train
David was thrilled to be able to ride the metro train to the Air and Space Museum in Washington. Since he wants to be an astronaut you would think this would be a long visit, but it was a flying visit. We had been there several times and he wasn't interested in seeing it again. There are lots of planes and plaques to read about the history of flight. But, he was interested in the gift shop and the $40.00 airplane, which he didn't get. David did get a small version of Air Force One and a NASA patch. He just loves gift shops!

More adventures tomorrow... and it was very exciting!

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a great family time, yet very moving and emotional. I am so thankful for our soldiers and I pray for their safety. They are sacrificing everyting for our country.

~ Sharon