Friday, April 25, 2008

Roger's Update

Yesterday was Roger's two-week birthday with us. He is the little bunny rabbit David found abandoned at the playground. He was so tiny that his whole body would sit right in the palm of my hand. He can no longer do that since he is now more than twice the size he was. It is amazing how well he is thriving.

We have done lots of research and made a stop at PetSmart to get supplies for our baby. He loves to eat the clover we gather from the back yard and we have recently gotten him hay grass (which I am slightly allergic to.)

Roger has taught David much in the last two weeks. David has been good about getting and feeding Roger the right foods. He refills the water bottle without being reminded. David has also been great about not opening the cage door, which was a concern of mine.

Two-week-old Roger
We are currently litter box training and Roger seems to be learning quickly. Roger even seems to know his name, when we call his name Roger will look at us. He also has gone to the food dish and nudged it when it is empty, then came to the side of the cage and looked at us, then returned and nudged the bowl again. As soon as he hears the sound of the food he rushes over to the bowl.

We had a storm the other night with thunder and Roger became very agitated. He kept looking at the window waiting for the rain to hit him. The next storm that came he was a lot calmer and less agitated.


claire said...

What a cutie!!! I love wild brown bunnies! Rabbits can be great pets. My friends had one and he was so personable and cute. He would hop around the house and snuggle on your lap. His only vice was chewing phone cords!

Kim said...

Welcome Claire,
Yes Roger is a cutie. He is a sweet and friendly pet. We hope to eventually allow him to spend more time outside the habitat, but we want to make sure he is potty trained first. And I understand that they all love to chew, so we will be on the look out for this.