Friday, April 4, 2008

Go Hillcats

David & me with Southpaw
Tonight is the opening game for the Lynchburg Hillcats, the minor league farm team for the Pittsburg Pirates. Last year we attended many games and enjoyed many hours of family fun. If you've never been to a minor league game you are missing out on an enjoyable experience.

The price for the Hillcats games is very resonable—$5 to $6 for kids and $7 to $8 per adult. If you buy the Kids Club for $25, children under 14 can get in all 70 games free, a tee shirt, giveaways and meet-and-greets. On Tuesdays last year they had all you could eat—Pizza Hut pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, peanuts and popcorn for just $10 and that includes the price of admission! And when you have a growing boy, that's a great deal.

One of the benefits of a minor league game is that you can be up close and personal. Last year our favorite player, Pedro Powell gladly posed for pictures with our son and signed a game ball for our son. Pedro was loved by everyone in the stands, I don't see his name on the roster this year and he will be sorely missed.


Sharon said...

How fun!!! We have a minor team in the city near us and last summer we went to our first game. I know it is horrible, we have four sons and this was our first time! I think money was always the issue, and also we just do other things in the summer. Any looks like you and David had a fun time! Your hair looks dark in the picture, I thought you were blond. Did you change it? Either way, you are a very pretty girl!

Hugs, Sharon

Kim said...

That's one benefit from only having one son- easier to afford the games. We actually had a friend last year that gave us free tickets to most of the games, he owns a business that advertises with a huge billboard at the stadium, one other friend can also get us free tickets. So we usually pay just for the upgrade to reserved seating ($1 each), of course then there's the snacks.
The game last night was away and the Hillcats lost (boo hoo), but we have always had lots of fun.
Thank you for the compliment. Yes, my hair changes off and on. My mother-in-law for years didn't know I had darker hair- when I let it grow out she said "I like your hair better the natural color." She was very shocked to find it was the colored hair she liked better.


Richard D said...

I can't wait for a home game!!