Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Community Market

This morning found us exporing the community market. We found some beautiful flowers to decorate the front of the house with. We also made many food purchases. David loves brown eggs and we found some farm fresh brown eggs for much cheaper than the store charges for them. They were so fresh that one of the eggs still had a hend feather on it. We also bought Amish roll butter, goat cheese and fresh sweet pork sausage. We are going to fire up the grill this evening to cook up our sausage!

David at the Market
After the market, we explored a used bookstore across the street. Rich found a book and I found a very interesting book that I will be sharing later. We spent several hours just walking and exploring shops that we had not been to before. The market and bookstore were the only ones we made purchases in, but we had a great time. Since David didn't find a book he liked we made a trip to the dollar store afterwards, where I found the small shepherds hooks for plants. I intend to use them in the backyard and hang small candles in holders on them. Very romantic.

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a great day! I am anxious to hear about your new book! I love kick around days like that! I am sorry to hear about your struggle with becoming pregnant. I truly cannot even understand the pain that you must have gone through. I am so thankful though that God has blessed you with David! You are such a great mother to him Kim and you have totally blessed his life! He is the chosen child! I know that you have been blessed greatly by him as well. I feel silly talking about wanting a house, but it is a true want that we have and it is frustrating. A real time of trust!

Have a great week!

Hugs, Sharon