Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exploring Second Class

Annie Clemmer Funk
I have been busy meeting passengers in second class and exploring their accommodations. Second class on Titanic is much like first class on other ocean liners. There is a Library with silk-draped window, however most of the passengers spend their day under the covered promenade. The nights are getting chiller, so most are retreating indoors after dinner. The gentlemen retreat to the smoking room, much like the first class passengers.

There are many interesting passengers in second class. Annie Clemmer Funk is returning from India, where she has been serving as a missionary, to attend to her sick mother. Marion Wright is leaving her home in England in order to marry her sweetheart, Arthur, who has already settled in Oregon. I have also met a Mr. Hoffman, a Frenchman traveling with his two young sons.

Chocolate Painted Eclairs
Last evening's meal was delicious, as we have come to expect. Dessert was Chocolate Painted Eclairs. We took full advantage and ate them to our hearts content.

This morning following the church service I overheard Archibald Gracie telling another gentleman "The exercise and the swim gave me an appetite for a hearty breakfast." Most of us are taking full advantage of the amenities the ship has to offer.

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Sharon said...

Ummmm those look good! I really like your neat square dish! Your ocean voyge sounds like a lovely trip, I just have this "sinking" feeling though in my stomach about your careful!