Thursday, April 24, 2008

Longest Move in History

Two years ago in February our son David was placed at a hospital hours from our Northern Virginia home. Each week we made the trip at least once, sometimes twice to visit him. Then about a year and a half ago we began the process to move to be closer to our son. We loved the area and felt it would be good, however, due to work issues the move was not complete until late last night.

Our moving truck

It has been very stressful having to maintain two homes—between cleaning, utilities and the needed supplies for both homes. I am very happy that we are under one roof full time!

There are many boxes that still need to be unpacked and many of the items will be duplicates of the items we already have in this home. I will be contacting our nephew who begins college in the fall to see what he can use. What he can't use will either be used or sent to charity.

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Velvia said...

Hi Kim!
I'm so glad you've gotten moved and are getting settled. It's such a chore!

I tagged you for a Six Word Memoir meme. The information is on my blog if you'd like to participate!
Love, Velvia