Monday, January 28, 2008

We Are Very Lucky

Saturday we were finally able to deliver our goodie basket to the homeless shelter. It really made an impression on our son as he saw person after person entering the shelter. The workers were very upbeat and smiling at all who entered. After handing over our donation we were invited to have pizza. We decided against this, since we didn't want to take food from the mouths of so many in need. One worker told us there had been a steady stream coming in since they had opened more than an hour earlier. As we were leaving we saw a mother with a young girl about four years old entering. What a powerful message our son received.

The rest of the night he went around and told us what he was thankful for. He was grateful that we had a warm home, beds, food and blankets. He even stated he wanted to adopt one of the kids so that we could share with them. We explained that their parents love them as much as we love him, they just don't have the money to provide for them.

We then went to visit Mrs. Walker, who is still weak, but doing so much better.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and feel like we are friends -- I know, you don't know me.
Our three children are now grown and married with children of their own. While they were teenagers we opened our home as a shelter home for runaway teens until they could be reunited with their families.
We did this to help our kids understand just how much they had when compared with some others. Well, the plan backfired in our case. Whenever the kids would gather to gripe about their parents our kids could match them story for story with comments like, "We have to be in by ten o'clock!" "We have to bring home good grades or have a good reason!"
It is funny to us (hubby and me) now but at the time we were in shock as to how wrong we were thinking that our kids would be grateful for what they had. Today they would tell you that growing up apart of this family wasn't that bad -- but then . . . =)

Kim said...

I have had many of my "lessons" for my son backfired upon me also. But, that doesn't stop us trying and when the lesson sinks in it feels great!
I feel I have gotten to be friends with many of the people whose blogs I read and people who read my blog. So how many grandchildren do you have? Are you able to see them often?
Rich's parents lived in South Africa as missionaries until about four years ago, so they missed much of David's early years. They now live in the states, but at a great distance from us.
Have a great day.